Farewell to 2018, Reflections From Thatonedanguy

I’ve known Michael “Meswannjr” Swann (COO) and Josh “Randomize” Arcilla (CEO) for a little over year, and when they casually mentioned this spring that they had started an esports organization my jaw hit the ground. We had sat around talking about dreams of Mr. Beast happening into a stream or one of our cohorts landing a spot on a rising team, but Josh and Swann went out and started their own journey, on their own terms. They have spent eight months cultivating a passionate staff, excellent players, and growing a wonderful fan base.

I’ve seen this process from multiple angles as a friend and fraternity brother, then a fan and community participant, and now as a full staff member. To understate the passion that Swann and Josh bring to this organization would be a gross injustice. RBG Esports came out of nowhere when they finally announced it to our friend group, but if anyone was going to do it, it would have been Josh and Swann. They started out casting, organizing, and streaming the Sinfonian Series seasons 1 and 2 from our fraternity discord. While it was mostly a casual league to bring brothers together and make new friends, they ran it like a full fledged league with all the professionalism and spirit that entailed. Clearly, this would be the foundation of RBG.

In the first half of 2018, Josh and Swann were traveling about the country, attending Hearthstone Championship Tours and DreamHacks. Most of us assumed they were being super fans of Rocket League and Hearthstone, exploring and playing in tournaments themselves. Little did I know they were laying the groundwork for Hearthstone and Rocket League teams.

RBG had arrived in April, making a quiet splash as Swann and Josh solidified plans and started scouting. Their trips to HCT and DreamHack lead to the signings of Innovation, MannyShow, and RunHeSaid for Hearthstone, and the first Rocket League roster of Zeus, Bacon, and Noxes. RBG was ready to compete by August 7th after a roster change swapped Zeus and Bacon for TheCar and Thundah.

It was around this time that I took more notice of RBG. This wasn’t a side project these guys were doing for fun just to play under a title. Josh and Swann were making big moves with a serious intent to compete at the highest levels around the globe. I kept inquiring how things were going, watching the streams, following the events, and talking to Swann and Josh about how RBG was progressing. I kept getting really excited about what RBG was doing in the esports scene. Then I became a staff member.

In the Fall and Winter of 2018 RBG has grown and expanded at an astounding rate. The organization is blossoming, making new friends, connections, and partnerships along the way. With my new, inside look, I can certainly say that all the staff and players are working their hardest to produce quality content and competition. The PUBG squad cut their teeth in NPL qualifiers, the RL team is making a very real push for RLRS, and much more is in the works. 2018 has certainly been an excellent start for RBG and we cannot wait for 2019 to arrive with more opportunities!

Fear not dear reader, the Weekly Gauntlet will be up and running next Monday night, the streamers will be back on the grind, and 2019 will be a wonderful new year full of esports! Check back in a few days for Randomize and Meswannjr’s thoughts headed into 2019!

GG 2018,

RBG Esports- Thatonedanguy

Daniel Stupp-Ratican