Roster Announcement: Meet RBG’s Brand New CS:GO Roster

We are proud to announce that RBG Esports is entering the Counter Strike: Global Offensive scene. Please welcome to the RBG family: Parker “Waltz” Waters, Albino “KnightHawk” Anzures, Payton “Wicked” Boyer, Brandon “FudgeyB” Fudge, and Jameson “J21” Behnke.

Waltz, KnightHawk, Wicked, FudgeyB, and J21 have been playing with one another for nearly a year, providing them a chemistry and game sense RBG is very excited to see in action. Just recently the team was promoted to the Intermediate division of ESEA competition, only one season after the addition of the team’s Awper, Wicked.

“Moving up in the competitive scene feels really good, after 4 years of not seeing any progress,  I joined the team and in one ESEA season we managed to make playoffs and moved up into Intermediate. The team’s skill cap is definitely limitless at this point as we all have great potential, but still need that time to improve our craft and grow as a team. Joining RBG Esports will help with that development as it puts us into a more team oriented environment and is a big step for us.” -Wicked on joining RBG.

FudgeyB and Waltz will be serving as the team’s in-game leadership. Their Co-IGL strategy has propelled them this far, and is no doubt aided by the considerable amount of time the two have played together.

Our players are part of our community and represent our mission, and the CS:GO team is sure to fit right in. J21 on signing: “To be under such a great org and to have the ability to go to LANs and represent a community like RBG offers,” that is why we are excited to join RBG Esports.

Catch all the streams, and give them a warm welcome, on their twitch accounts below!


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Daniel Stupp-Ratican