Roster Announcement: Henrock and VesDegree Signed for Smash Ultimate

RBG Esports is proud to announce the signings of our very first two Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitors! Henry “Henrock” Meza and Bryant “VesDegree” Bautista will be representing RBG at upcoming competitions for Smash Ultimate and potentially other Smash titles.

Both Henrock and VesDegree are local to the Helix Esports LAN Center in New Jersey, regularly competing in their Smash tournaments. Currently, Helix has hosted six tournaments for Smash Ultimate, VesDegree won the first two tournaments he’s attended, and Henrock has made great progress in all of his showings thus far.

Henrock has shown a great degree of ambition while breaking into the Esports scene, and RBG is very excited to walk that path with him. VesDegree, while currently on a trial contract, is also a very promising player. VesDegree has been playing Smash for nearly 15 years, starting with Melee. He has a very strong desire to compete at the highest levels and to surround himself with players of the highest caliber, both in competition and training.

Both players enjoy one another’s company, and will be pairing together for any upcoming doubles tournaments. Be sure to keep your eyes out for Henrock, VesDegree, and the RBG name in upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments!

Daniel Stupp-Ratican