RBG Rocket League Tournaments

As of late, RBG Esports has been hosting in-game tournaments for Rocket League to much success. We would like to thank you, our community for helping us make this successful. For every night the rest of this week, we will be hosting tournaments. Registration opens at 7:30pm EDT and games start at 8:00pm EDT. Make sure to tell a staff member your team name for a chance to appear on the stream! If you haven't already, be sure to join the discord and assign roles to yourself in our role-bot channel so you don't miss out on important updates!

Also, keep up with our social media! There's something in the works that you won't want to miss.


Several members of the RBG Staff will be at Dreamhack Austin on June the 1st, Riley Seago, Michael Swann, Joshua Arcilla and Nick Wolf will be there with Michael, Josh and Nick competing in the Rocket League tournament under the RBG name, this is something you won't want to miss!