Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown

Week 3 of RBG Esports’ Weekly Gauntlet has just wrapped up and TheCar, Noxes, and Thundah still reign supreme! This week, the RBG Esports roster had to slog their way through the 38 team bracket, even facing 19 shots in one of the final games from Lights Out! Next week, The Gauntlet will return with an even larger prize pool of $120.

This week saw a plethora of teams show up for a chance to dethrone the reigning champs, but none were able to do so. RBG took a clean sweep of rounds 1 and 2, dropping only two games in the entire bracket. One loss came from the ex-RLCS player Lemonpuppy’s team, The Swashbuckling Swamis, but RBG was able to pull through for a series win nonetheless. Lights Out! ran through their own gauntlet of matchups, battling their way through Acquire It and Dream, taking their best of 3 series to its full length in rounds 3 and 4, only to face a full best of 5 series against Nefarious to make it into the final. While the final series’ score didn’t end in their favor, Lights Out! gave the fans a wonderful show as both games 1 and 2 of the final were decided in overtime.

RBG Esports would like to thank everyone that made it out for the The Gauntlet this week, and we hope to see you next week! Next Monday, November 12th, The Gauntlet returns with $120 prize pool and another chance to take home the crown. Who will win? Will RBG hold onto their throne, or will a new challenger emerge to take home the first prize pool of The Gauntlet? Tune in next week to find out.

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Daniel Stupp-Ratican