RunHeSaid to be Featured on TwitchCon's "THE BIG STREAM"

TwitchCon 2018 is well underway this weekend in San Jose, California. The streaming service’s convention has become a rite of passage for content creators and fans alike in recent years. In 2017 more than 50,000 people attended and consecutive viewership topped 80,000 at some points on Twitch’s stream. With numbers like that, naturally it would be a dream come true for any aspiring streamer to find their way onto one of Twitch’s streams. For one fortunate RBG ESPORTS player, that dream is soon to become a reality.

Recently Brandi “RunHeSaid” Coffman, one of RBG’s three contracted Hearthstone players, was approached by Twitch with an opportunity to be featured on “The Big Stream” live at TwitchCon! The Big Stream will be at a live viewing area within the convention as well as broadcast on Twitch. Each participating streamer is offered a three hour block to stream their chosen content. On Wednesday afternoon RunHeSaid agreed to an interview about the experience thus far.

“I got the email and my first reaction was ‘is this real’?”

Naturally, RunHeSaid was quite surprised to find an email in her inbox asking her to stream for one of the biggest gaming events of the season. After a few inquiries and some checking on Twitter, Run was convinced that not only was she not being trolled, but that she was going to have yet another momentous opportunity in her gaming and streaming career. After a fair bit of celebration in RBG’s Hearthstone section in Discord, Run began to realize what an enormous opportunity The Big Stream was going to be for her channel and competitive Hearthstone career.

“The whole Hearthstone experience for me has been very surreal. Everything is just kind of falling into place and I’m not usually that type of person, things don’t usually just fall into place for me, but they have!”

Run’s gaming career has been quite a wild ride leading up to this moment. Don’t let Run’s humility fool you though; she has put in quite a lot of work to become a successful streamer and competitive Hearthstone player. Run decided in April of this year to fully commit to the competitive Hearthstone scene by getting a coach, attending DreamHack Austin (where she faced RBG’s COO, Michael Swann, in the first round), and began to seriously consider streaming. Within a month of attending DreamHack Austin, RunHeSaid had not only signed on to the RBG ESPORTS Hearthstone team, but had also hit legend for the first time. Heading into Saturday’s Big Stream, Run will be approaching legend once more this season, with hopes of hitting rank 1000 (in game rankings range from 25-1, and once a player reaches 1 they are legend status and given a numerical ranking with the best current player being legend rank 1).

As Run readies for The Big Stream this weekend, she will also be celebrating her first month of streaming. Indeed, RunHeSaid’s Hearthstone career has taken off since her decision to break into the professional scene last April. She’s had a featured clip in a well trafficked YouTube video, been raided by some large Hearthstone personalities, and developed a “Twitter family”, as she affectionately refers to them, of close knit hearthstone players and podcasters. All of this resulted in her achieving affiliate status in the bare minimum days required. Since then her viewership has steadily increased, building a vibrant community along the way. Humble as always, she wants to thank all of her friends and supporters for helping her build a successful channel and being part of the community experience. As thanks, she will be giving away seven in-game Hearthstone card packs every hour of her stream.

Watch RunHeSaid on Twitch this Saturday, October 27th from 5:45-8:45pm central (3:45-6:45pm Pacific) to see her live on The Big Stream! Run certainly cannot wait to share her quirky personality, phrases (ask her about the “Stars in a Bucket” emote), and upbeat, family friendly stream! Catch her on Twitter @RBG_Runhesaid and on

Daniel Stupp-Ratican