Name: Maciek "Innovation" Kowalski

Twitter: www.twitter.com/RBG_Innovation

Twitch.tv: www.twitch.tv/innovationhs

I moved to the USA about 10 years ago and that’s when I started playing video games – mostly shooters and platformers. I dove into competitive games with Starcraft II, but after an injury to my right wrist, I turned to Hearthstone. I started play the game a lot, and after some less than stellar finishes at some local tavern events I decided to practice even more and now I’m competing in bigger events posting with a Top 16 at PAX East 2017 and a Top 32 at Dreamhack Denver 2017. Now with this great opportunity from, RBG I plan to attend as many tournaments as possible and hope to win soon!


Name: Brandi "RunHeSaid" Coffman

Twitter: www.twitter.com/RBG_Runhesaid

Twitch.tv: www.twitch.tv/runhesaid


Name: Brenden "MannyShow" Manquen

Twitter: www.twitter.com/RBG_MannyShow

Twitch.tv: www.twitch.tv/mannyshowhs