The Gauntlet $300 3v3
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The Gauntlet $300 3v3

The Gauntlet $300 3v3

Rocket League Single Elimination Tournament on PC/Xbox One/Switch

Presented by RBG Esports

One night, All out Single Elimination tournament for the "winner takes all" $300 prize!

For more information, please join in our discord:
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Watch the event live at:

Start time: 7:30pm EDT, Thursday September 27th

Register Here:

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Summer Bash
to Aug 12

Summer Bash

Due to the RLCS6 Announcement, we had to make some slight adjustments.
We completely understand this may throw off some schedules and we are working to our best ability to make things work for everyone!

With that said, **Summer Bash** is still on; but, here are some changes and requirements we made!

Qualifiers #1 and #2 are still the same time and date from above, their registration closing dates are the same!
**Finals was moved to August 12th - 3pm EDT (Sunday)** This is the first weekend of qualifiers for RLCS, so the top 8 can get a really good chance to get some tournament grinding to make qualifiers easier for RLCS.

Here is the requirement. Both Qualifiers must have a minimum of 16 teams signed up. If we do not hit 16 teams in each qualifier, we will cancel Summer Bash and redo somethings to have a better event planned around/after RLCS.
*Note: if 4 of the 16 move to finals that are also signed up the 2nd qualifier, we will continue the 2nd one with 12 teams*

Just a reminder of what you could get:
**1st place = $300**
**2nd place = $150**
**3rd place = $75**

We hope this works for everyone!
Register here:
Watch here:

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RBG 1st Official 3v3 Tournament
to May 25

RBG 1st Official 3v3 Tournament


Thursday, May 24th at 8pm EDT, will be RBG Esports' official first "RBG 3v3 Tournament." It will be a double elimination tournament with a chance to win $75 for first place!

Registration opens May 17th (Thursday) at 8am EDT and will close May 23rd (Wednesday) at 8pm EDT! Seats are limited to 16 teams, so be sure to sign up ASAP!

Be sure to watch it live at to see some of the best competition RBG can provide!

To register, go to:

We'll see you there!

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